How often do your kids play video games?

Some moms admit, the games can be like a babysitter -- keeping kids busy.

But does your child play more than an hour a day?

There is a new concern about potential addiction issues.

The world health organization added gaming disorder to its list of mental health issues just this year.

But many parents raise the question, "how do you know if your child is an enthusiastic gamer, or may have a serious addiction?"

In the player above, WKYC senior health correspondent, Monica Robins explores this topic.

Families Managing Media was created in 2011 to help parents deal with issues like video game addiction.

According to the group, one in eight kids is addicted and plays on average eighteen hours a week, nearly four hours a day.

They suggest parents step in with reasonable rules before addiction takes hold.

1. No more than 40 minutes of gaming a night on school nights only after homework and chores are finished.

2. No more than an hour a day on weekends.

3. No games where the object is to kill people.

Robins also reminds parents that not all video gaming is bad.

Some studies indicate that those that involve logic and puzzle solving actually boost the brain and action and role playing games do not.

Sadly it appears that the children prefer the latter.