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Mike Polk Jr. explains new rules to partake in outdoor excursions

Mike Polk Jr. on the proper etiquette for walks, hikes and fresh air in the era of social distancing

Well, it’s official. We’re not even a month into this whole shelter in place order and I’m going a little stir crazy.

I already attempted to fix a bunch of stuff around the house and ended up making the original issues far worse, so that’s taken care of.

We can’t go to church basements for fish frys so I tried to fry fish on my own and I’m pretty sure this house is going to smell like burnt Walleye at least through the summer. So that’s done.

Additionally, I’ve reached the point where my cat and I are completely out of conversation, and to be honest I’ve been doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

I desperately need some new stimulation, and obviously stimulation that doesn’t involve reading books or bettering myself in general.

It’s time to go play outside for a bit!

But dare I? Is it safe? Am I even allowed? Or will Dr. Amy Acton repel down from an oak tree and scold me for bringing my germs outside and dragging new germs back into my house?

Relax! As of right now, Ohio citizens are still very much allowed to emerge from our bunkers to get a little fresh air and stretch the legs a bit. You’re even allowed to hit Cleveland’s gorgeous Metroparks, which I am fortunate enough to live right by. 

But there are RULES people. Rules to keep yourself and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts healthy and safe.

These rules aren’t necessarily “on the books” or legally-binding in any way, they’re just guidelines and common courtesies that we should all be observing right now.

But with our heroic first-responders already occupied with larger issues, who would step up to monitor people enjoying the outdoors and enforce these rules? Who would make certain that people are practicing proper social distancing?

It appears as though it’s once again time for me to answer the call to community service that no one specifically issued to me. 

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