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Our favorite 'Godfather' and 'Elf' clapbacks to actor James Caan's diss of Cleveland

Twitter erupted with memes and movie references after Caan lit into Cleveland following the Browns win over the Bengals.
Credit: AP

CLEVELAND — Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of actor James Caan.

From 'The Program' to 'Elf' to 'Misery' and of course, 'The Godfather,' I've always enjoyed watching Caan over the years. He is an icon.

So what was with my boy taking to Twitter on Friday and lighting up my hometown like this in the aftermath of the Browns win over Cincinnati?

Okay, I know my man was having fun, but I loved where this story went next.

Friday afternoon, Caan's assistant Mike Kijanski, called into 92.3's The Fan's "Bull and Fox" show to savor the Browns' victory. It didn't take long for Caan himself to grab the phone and join the show. 

"You guys have a big thing to overcome," Caan said, "Cleveland is a joke word." Although he says it's not the city itself that is a joke, Caan told the show's hosts that in show business, any word with a "K" sound is automatically funny. 

You know what's really funny? The responses to Caan's tweet. They are full of quotes and references to his films and I'm totally cool with it! Check out these clapbacks referencing 'The Godfather' and 'Elf', plus this one with a cool shout-out to Kathy Bates, whose character tormented Caan in 'Misery':

I couldn't resist when I heard about this. So I had a little fun utilizing a line from 'The Godfather' when Caan's character Sonny Corleone is being scolded by his father, played by Marlon Brando. 

For the record, Caan believes that the Browns will make the playoffs this season, but only because he thinks Kijanski might not come to work if they don't. 

Good enough for me!

Want to listen to Caan join my pals Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox? Check it out below: