Former Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters called out WKYC Channel 3 during his concert on Thursday night for airing a story about local dancers who had decided not to take part in his show.

On Wednesday, WKYC Channel 3's Dawn Kendrick introduced us to 12 young dancers from the Shaker Dance Academy, who were scheduled to perform with the rock legend at the Q.

Thursday night, they opted to not go on stage after all.

Co-owner Tracy Webb told Kendrick that she didn't want her dancers to be a part of the controversial nature of the former Pink Floyd bassist's show. The tour is decidedly anti-President Trump, featuring a huge floating pig with Trump's face on it.

"I don't want my young dancers being a part of the negative images being presented," Webb said. "I had no idea this was going to be anti-anything other than hate."

The members of the Shaker Dance Academy did not know about the anti-Trump content of Waters' show until Kendrick asked them about it on Wednesday. To be clear, our WKYC crew did not warn them, but merely asked if they were aware.

During tonight's concert, Waters decided to call out WKYC for airing the story. Viewer Eric Bonzar captured the moment on Periscope.

"WKYC-TV, I have no idea what your agenda is and frankly, I don't give a damn," Waters said at the concert.

Shortly after Waters' remarks, Twitter began to erupt letting us know what had happened at the Q. Here's a sample: