Cleveland has served as a hub for musical acts all summer long.

From to U2 and Lady Gaga, to Future and Bruno Mars.

While those are all household names, Cleveland is also home to many great artists in the making.

One of those artists is an upcoming rapper by the name of Bellaire Ro$eff.

23-year old, Bellaire Ro$eff will open up for headliners Migos, YFN Lucci, Lil Uzi Vert and more at Z107.9's Summer Jam, Friday.

For Ro$eff this is an opportunity of a life time.

Summer Jam is one of Cleveland's most popular concerts; held at Quicken Loans Arena, fans pack the venue each year awaiting to see their favorite artists.

While this is a major accomplishment for Ro$eff, he comes from humble beginnings.

Hailing from Cleveland's West-side,the Bellaire Road neighborhood to be exact; the young rapper began his career back in 2014.

Discovering that he was doing it for the wrong reasons, he took a step back from the music.

After taking a three year hiatus, Ro$eff returned to the rap game in 2017 with his song,"My City."

In the song, he describes his daily struggles. "Y'all don't know the struggles and the L's we took to faces."

It's those very struggles that Ro$eff says serve as his biggest motivation.

"The struggle is definitely keeping me motivated. The struggle, like seeing my mama and everything that we done been through. Ever since then, I've been taking that to the heart and putting it all in my music."

After re-discovering his passion for music, he began performing at Cleveland's Underground Music Showcase.

"The showcase was my first stomping grounds, my first ever performance and that gave me my push. I ain't no nobody on that showcase," he said.

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"I just came, showed up , I mean I knew CJ but he didn't really know what i was capable of, I ain't know what I was capable of either to be honest with you. So I just went with the crowd and my energy at the time."

His hit song,"Play Money", has become somewhat of a city anthem. The lyrics "baby where yo man at, he can't buy you things," have been tweeted numerous times and the song ignites crowds whenever it's played.

Through his performances at the showcase and through social media, Ro$eff drew the attention of local DJ and radio personality Kyler Smith, better known as DJ K-Y, who first played his song on Z107.9.

Recalling exactly where he was the first time he heard his song being played on the radio, he smiles saying, "It felt great, it feels great though. I just gotta stay humble about it because it's still a lot of work to do."

As for Friday's performance in a nearly sold out arena that holds more than 20,000 people, Ro$seff says he's prepared.

"I'm ready, I feel excited," he said.

"When I get on the stage and when they play my song, I'm just gone rap my song like I always I try to not let it phase me."

While he knows he has a lot more room to grow he offers this advice to anyone pursuing music, " Focus on the music and not the money because the money always gone come."

For more information on Bellaire Ro$eff, catch him at Summer Jam Friday September 1 or check out his social media handles linked below.

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