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Progressive Field ready for challenge of concerts in back-to-back days

With Billy Joel and Luke Bryan both performing at Progressive Field this weekend, we wonder how the Indians grass will say nice and how the crews will manage the switch between Friday and Saturday?

Luke Bryan and Billy Joel will be performing this weekend at Progressive Field.

Back to back. Joel on Friday, Bryan on Saturday.

Two things come to mind:

  • How do you keep the grass nice?
  • How are crews going to pull this off?

Back in 1995, Jimmy Buffett was really good when he performed at then-Jacobs Field. Trust me, I know several people who were there and they told me he was fantastic.

But the concert's effect on the grass was terrible. So bad that then-Indians owner Dick Jacobs said no more concerts for awhile.

Now of course, it's a different story. Many acts have performed since then, and now this weekend Billy Joel and Luke Bryan will play on back-to-back nights.

The Indians are prepared. A spokesman for the club says they're put down a protective sheeting called 'Terratrak HD,' tough enough from crews to drive over while they work. They'll also use 'Terraplas HD,' which is tough enough to walk on.

That should protect the ballpark's Kentucky Bluegrass.

Now, to get from Billy Joel's concert set-up to Luke Bryan's is no small feat. But these road crews have been called the greatest logistical outfits in the world.

We've been told that the main stage shell will stay the same for both concerts, meaning no swapping out of the entire stage. Luke Bryan's crew will come in once Joel's crew finishes and will set up the stage effects and everything else they will need.

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