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Ohio sister trio Sorellé continues journey on NBC's 'The Voice'

The sisters were recently at Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame searching for more inspiration. They caught up with 3News' Monica Robins.

CLEVELAND — The 23rd season of NBC's "The Voice" is generating some new buzz. It's Blake Shelton's last season and there are two new judges. 

But for Northeast Ohio, the attention is focused on Sorellé, the trio of sisters from Lexington who chose Chance the Rapper as a coach. The sisters were recently at Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame searching for more inspiration and caught up with 3News' Monica Robins. 

Sorellé has caught the show by storm with their amazing harmonies and perfect pitch. Sorellé, meaning "sisters" in Italian, are from Lexington down in Richland County. They're singing their way to the next round on "The Voice."

"Surreal. Yeah, honestly it was one of the most exciting, happiest experiences of our life," says Madi Heichel, the oldest sister in Sorellé.

The group caught the attention of Blake Shelton and new judge Chance the Rapper. Why take the chance on Chance?

"Chance really challenged us. He had us sing something on the spot, which could have been risky because you never know if they can do it or not," Madi adds. "But we were able to do it. We've trained all of our lives to be able to just do something quick and on the spot."

She's not kidding. Madi is the oldest, then Ana, then 15-year-old Bella, who is now finishing school online to pursue her dream. 

"I don't really focus on what I've given up, I just focus on the goal, which is music and which is performing with my sisters," Bella adds. "All of this is really a dream come true and is really worth everything that I have given."

"The Voice" isn't Sorellé's first competition. These women are seasoned pros.

"Maddie and I, we started getting professionally trained at age 5-6 and honestly we say like 7 or 8 with her because that's when she really started vocal lessons," recalls Ana. "But she was in there at age three listening to us sing and learn professional and classical training."

Madi and Ana performed the National Anthem at a Cleveland Cavaliers game in 2012. The older sisters became poised and polished in pageants, as both won "Miss Ohio Outstanding Teen." The trio appeared on Nickelodeon's "America's Most Musical Family" as well. And they share original music, too. 

"We have written a ton of music," Ana says. "We've released about seven singles and all of them have a message. All of them are stories that people can relate to."

Sorellé has been on the radar of "The Voice" for the last five years thanks to a robust social media following, including 3.2 million TikTok followers.

On Monday's edition of "The Voice," Sorellé advanced to the Knockout round after defeating Manasseh Samone in the "Team Chance" Battle round.

You can learn more about Sorellé and check out their social media platforms by clicking here.


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