Musician Michael Stanley started off a recent blog entry this way:

"Guys, we need to talk…and ladies, if your man won’t listen you need to help me get his attention," reads the first line of the post on Cleveland rock radio station 98.5 WCNX's website.

The singer-songwriter, who performed hits as a solo artist and also with the Michael Stanley Band, continued on to share details about his journey with prostate cancer.

He wrote that he underwent a radiation treatment after being diagnosed last winter with the disease, and the medical care went "about as well as I could have hoped."

Stanley added that while it appears he's cancer free as of late, he'll still need to undergo testing for the next several years to have that label.

He's now strongly advocating for men to take a PSA test, which the Mayo Clinic says is a blood test that can screen for the disease.

And the Northeast Ohio native even pulled at the heartstrings of Cleveland's sports fans with his urging on the website:

"Look, I hate going to the doctor as much as the next guy…maybe even more…but I want to be around to watch my grand kids grow up, make more music, watch the Cavs and Indians win more championships and the Browns just win a game. So please guys…if not for yourself, do it for your family and friends…Please go get a PSA test!"

Stanley hosts a show on the station from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.