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Cedar Point makes changes to Fast Lane tickets for 2020 season

The Fast Lane program will be a bit different for Cedar Point's 150th anniversary this summer.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Fast Lane is a special ticket upgrade at Cedar Point that allows thrill seekers the opportunity to skip the line at some of the park’s most popular rides.

But in 2020, there are some notable changes coming to the park's Fast Lane ticket option.

First big change: Millennium Force has been added to the more expensive Fast Lane Plus ticket after previously being part of the lower-tier Fast Lane option.

Here are the rides included in Fast Lane Plus for 2020:

- Maverick

- Millennium Force

- Steel Vengeance

- Top Thrill Dragster

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Valravn, however, has been downgraded from a Fast Lane Plus attraction to the cheaper Fast Lane lineup.

Meanwhile, Cedar Point’s site shows a few rides have been removed from the Fast Lane program altogether for 2020, including Lake Erie Eagles, Monster and Troika.

Here are the rides included with the lower-priced Fast Lane (Fast Lane Plus holders also get skip-the-line access to these attractions):

- Antique Cars

- Blue Streak

- Corkscrew

- Dodgem

- GateKeeper

- Gemini

- Giant Wheel

- Magnum XL-200

- maXair

- Pipe Scream

- Power Tower

- Raptor

- Rougarou

- Scrambler

- Skyhawk

- Snake River Falls

- Valravn

- Wave Swinger

- Wicked Twister

- WindSeeker

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Ticket prices for Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus fluctuate throughout the season based on demand, the number of tickets purchased and the day of your visit. Guests who have a Platinum Pass get a free Fast Lane Plus upgrade with any Fast Lane purchase.

The park officially opens to the general public on Saturday, May 9 as Cedar Point celebrates its 150th anniversary with a new boat ride, upgraded restaurants, fresh live entertainment and more.

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