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Cedar Point: Saturday's traffic and crowding issues due to HalloWeekend popularity and great weather

Cedar Point was forced to close the two access roads into the park on Saturday due to the unusually large crowd at the park.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Saturday's balmy weather made many people happy across Northeast Ohio. The exception were those who were waiting in long lines to get into Cedar Point for HalloWeekend. 

The unusually large crowd put the Sandusky amusement park at nearly full capacity, resulting in this tweet:

A local Facebook page, Erie County Scanner Uncensored, posted a video showing the backed up roads. 

Anyone who was not on either Cedar Point Road or Cedar Point Drive at the time of the tweet was turned away.

Those who made the trip were understandably frustrated with closure and took to social media to express their frustration. Many attendees placed blame on Cedar Point's most recent promotion, the Gold Pass. The pass allow riders free parking and full access for the remaining 2019 season and all of 2020. 

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3News reached out to Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark for a reaction to Saturday's traffic and crowding. Here was his statement: 

Ever since the HalloWeekends event debuted in 1997, Cedar Point has experienced high demand, particularly during periods of perfect weather.

While the Gold Pass is very popular, it is not the main contributor to the elevated demand – the popularity of the event and great weather were the primary factors in high traffic volume resulting in a temporary closure of road access to the park this past Saturday.

We are committed to providing a quality experience for our guests, and will work internally and with community partners to improve park access on an ongoing basis.

Guests who were unable to visit this past weekend can still use their tickets for any of the remaining days of the season (this Friday night, Saturday or Sunday).

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