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Cedar Point drops surprise teases for possible new roller coaster in 2022: See the park's hints

Is a new roller coaster coming to Cedar Point? Here's what we know so far.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Not only is Cedar Point great at creating record-breaking roller coasters, but they’re also masters at teasing their fans with tiny tidbits about upcoming projects -- and they've done it again.

This time, park officials have unleashed a few surprise teases about a possible new roller coaster coming to Cedar Point for the 2022 season. The hints first surfaced when guests explored the park Saturday for Cedar Point's Winter Chill Out charity event, many of them stumbling upon an unexpected red and white sign with the following message attached to a locked door:





Take a look for yourself...

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Here's a closer look at the TOP SECRET sign:

But that’s not all…

This tease (below) was also found in another spot within the park during the Winter Chill Out event. It shows a rough drawing of a roller coaster track that's located between the Maverick roller coaster and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride with an estimated footer install date of March 1, 2021. You may have also noticed the spot where the coaster is drawn is in the same space currently occupied by the Antique Cars attraction.

The whiteboard notes also mention T-Rex, which is a specific type of roller coaster, and 526 feet.

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So… What does all this mean? Are we getting a new roller coaster in the back of the park next year? Is any of this actually true or is all just playful teases from park officials to stir up speculation? We went to Cedar Point’s Tony Clark to see what we could find – and he left us with yet another tease: “Winter Chill Out is a great time for us to share new information and have a little fun while we’re at it," he told 3News. "Will anything they saw come to fruition? Maybe…maybe not!”

Here's what we do know... Cedar Point loves to tease its fans by playing off rumor and speculation. We have seen this many times with other rides -- including Rougarou, Steel Vengeance and Valravn -- but these types of teases aren't limited to the big roller coasters because park officials also dropped hints about the Forbidden Frontier interactive experience for months before anything was officially announced.

So, a coaster at 526 feet tall? We're guessing that's likely not the case for 2022. It's probably just park officials playing with fans, some who frequently discuss their desire for a Cedar Point coaster that tops 500 feet. Footers potentially installed by March 1? That could be true, but that's something we won't know until guests are permitted to enter the park again on opening day on May 14. Again, it could all just be in good fun -- but it's Cedar Point, so anything is possible.

The teases already have fans talking, too.

"That little sign is the troll of the year," one person wrote on CP Food Blog's Facebook post in which they shared a picture of the 2022 coaster tease. 

"That little sign is gonna make so much happiness!!!" another commented.

Let the speculation begin! We will just have to wait and see if any additional teases pop up... Until then, climb aboard for a front-seat ride on Top Thrill Dragster:

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