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Cedar Point teases new secret with peek at mysterious plans as park awaits reopening: What's in the envelope?

There's a surprise in store for Cedar Point's fans, but some think they may have already solved the mystery.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point has another secret brewing along the shores of Lake Erie...

Park spokesperson Tony Clark posted the tease on Tuesday with the following message on Twitter: “Slight delay. But… You’ve been nice so… I have something to share with you… #whatsintheenvelope #thisisateaser #moretocome.”

Clark’s post is accompanied with a picture, which reveals a tiny glimpse at design plans that appear to show the front end of a roller coaster train.

Take a closer look below and you will see what looks like a coaster train’s nose and wheels toward the center of the picture.

So what could it be? Scroll down to see what some fans are speculating about the new mystery...

Some coaster fans think it has something to do with Cedar Point celebrating the 20th anniversary season of Millennium Force.

“I’m guessing something to do with Millennium Force trains and nothing to do with a new ride,” @coasterjedi said on Twitter.

“Kind of?” Clark responded.

Clark went a bit deeper with his hints that "it's not even a new coaster!"

Oh, and then there was this discovery where @ParkThrills noticed an element from Clark's tease that shows a connection with concept art for Millennium Force...

While we wait to learn more about this latest tease, park fans are also on hold as Cedar Point remains closed until further notice amid the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said, "We're certainly not there yet," in regard to Cedar Point's reopening.

The park was originally slated to open for its 2020 season on May 9.

The company’s CEO recently announced some potential safety measures -- including capacity limits and virtual queue lines -- that could be implemented once Cedar Fair’s parks are clear to open.

Although Cedar Point is still aiming to reopen at some point this year, the park has postponed all of their 150th anniversary season festivities and attractions until 2021.

For now... Enjoy this a virtual ride on Millennium Force:


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