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Gov. Mike DeWine reveals thoughts on reopening Cedar Point: 'We're certainly not there yet'

When will Cedar Point be able to open for the 2020 season? Gov. Mike DeWine discusses his thoughts.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — As Ohio continues its reopening process, one of the state's most iconic attractions remains closed until further notice. Cedar Point, which was supposed to kick off its 2020 season on May 9, hasn't been able to open their gates just yet due to coronavirus concerns.

So when can we expect to climb aboard Millennium Force or scream on Steel Vengeance again? 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said we're going to have to wait longer.

“Well that would be a next level of reopening," Gov. DeWine said on Sunday's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on NBC. "I have no idea when Cedar Point will be able to open. Our kids and grandkids love to go there. We would love to go there, but we’re certainly not there yet. If you look at our data, our replication rate is one-to-one. We are now reopening. We’ve got to see how this reopening is going. Our restaurants are doing what they need to do keeping the space. Retail is doing the same thing. We’re not there yet as far as mass gatherings of people.”

You can watch the full interview in the player below. DeWine discusses Cedar Point in the very first question.

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The company’s CEO recently announced some potential safety measures -- including capacity limits and virtual queue lines -- that could be implemented once Cedar Fair’s parks are clear to open.

Although Cedar Point is still aiming to reopen at some point this year, the park has postponed all of their 150th anniversary season festivities and attractions until 2021.


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