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Video shows Cedar Point’s GateKeeper roller coaster getting stuck mid-ride

Park officials say the coaster didn’t complete its full circuit due to weather conditions.
Credit: Ryan Haidet, 3News
Archive photo: GateKeeper soars over the main entrance at Cedar Point.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — “That ride is stuck!”

Just 30 minutes before Cedar Point closed Wednesday night, riders on the GateKeeper roller coaster found themselves stuck on the attraction.

Video posted to Facebook shows one of the coaster trains rolling back and forth after traveling through the ride’s first keyhole inversion, which soars over the park’s front entrance.

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Saw this as we were leaving tonight! Yikes! The wind had very suddenly picked up so i wonder if the malfunction was due to the high winds.

Park spokesperson Tony Clark released the following statement to WKYC Thursday morning:

“At approximately 9:30 p.m. last night, a train on the GateKeeper roller coaster did not complete its full circuit due to weather conditions at the time. The train came to a stop on a section of track near the main entrance. The ride’s safety systems engaged as designed and an additional train was stopped on the lift hill. Guests in both trains were escorted safely from the ride.”

GateKeeper first opened at Cedar Point in 2013.

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Watch official POV video from GateKeeper's front seat:

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