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A new twist on cake pops comes to Kent: First Look at Daisy Pops

Kent's Water Street business district now has a new sweet spot where you can pop in for a bite-sized, tasty treat

KENT, Ohio — What started out as a love for koalas has turned into something sweet for the rest of us, with the opening of Daisy Pops cake pop shop in Kent.

We can thank the mother-in-law of Daisy Pops owner Amy Mucha for inspiring the former-math-teacher-turned-Chief-Pop-Artist to get into baking, which eventually turned into her creating her own take on a very popular treat, and opening a business named after her 6-year-old daughter.

"My mother-in-law bought me a cake pop recipe book about 12 years ago because it had a koala cake pop in it, and koalas are my favorite animal," Amy said. "I started making them as a hobby (usually to bribe my high school math students with), turned it into a side hustle in 2018 (when one of my students' moms wanted to purchase some), decided to retire from teaching in 2021 (we'll blame COVID for both making teaching not what I loved and making individually wrapped treats very POPular), and just opened our first brick and mortar Pop Shop two weeks ago!"

It's been a whirlwind of a journey for Amy, who up until two years ago was incredibly happy with her career as a teacher.

"I always say I am an accidental entrepreneur," Amy said. "Truthfully without COVID, I would still be happily teaching high school math. But Daisy Pops is a truly unexpected blessing, as it is such a fun new challenge. We are constantly innovating and finding better ways to both make and sell our cake pops, so it's like one big problem to solve (which I love)!"

Speaking of solving problems, as Amy's business grew, she had a great problem in front of her: She needed more space to bake all of the cake pops that people were ordering online from DaisyPops.com.

"It seemed that now was the time to move the business out of my basement," she said. 

"We got our new facility really more for the commercial bakery because that allows us to begin shipping nationally and talking to bigger wholesale partners. But the retail side has been so fun to plan and see come to fruition. We love having a place to invite our customers into!"

If you're wondering what makes Amy's cake pops so special (aside from the incredible taste of the creative flavors like frosted animal cracker, cookie butter and lemon oreo), the answer is the shape.

"Our cake pops are shaped differently than most other cake pops you see," Amy said. "We started off making spherical pops, but then realized that it was way more efficient to make them into disc shapes. This lets us roll out out dough, and then cut it with our 3D printed cutters just like you would with cookies. The flat shape stays on the cake pop stick when you bite into it, and it leaves a bigger area to fill with fun decorations!"

There are lots of embellishments to choose from, from special logo designs printed on edible paper, to chocolate drizzles, sprinkles, and tasty crumbles on these bite-size snacks that people can now pick up in-person for the first time.

Daisy Pops also offers fun features for special events, with the opportunity to rent the PopMobile, PopCycle and PopCart to cater your gatherings with incredibly delicious desserts in a unique way.

If you'd like to pop in to the Pop Shop to say hi to Amy and grab a snack, you can head to 154 N. Water Street in Kent, Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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