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Here's where you can buy a real tree for Christmas in Northeast Ohio: GO-HIO

With Christmas only nine weeks away, it's the perfect time to check out some tree farms.

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — Yes, Christmas is still a few months away, but is it ever too early to start planning for a tree? In Geauga County, farmers are ready to start chopping.

“We’ve got a ton to do before Thanksgiving to get ready for people to come and pick their perfect tree,” Jane Neubauer, co-owner of Sugar Pine Tree Farm told 3News. “We’re excited. This is our 10th year.”

It could also be a banner year in tree sales.

“I think the demand is the highest it’s ever been,” Neubauer said.

The whole tree-buying experience is an old, family tradition. It takes some time, but the quality time is worth it.

“This is all about memory making and having fun. It’s certainly about finding the perfect tree, but that is really what people come to a Christmas tree farm for,” Neubauer said.

From start to finish, it's a delicate process.

“About six years ago, we started planting our own trees,” Bob Rogish, owner of Rogish Farms in Chesterland said.

Rogish Farms sells their trees at Patterson’s, right down the road.

“We’re supplementing them with growers that we work with from PA,” Rogish said.

Here’s another thing to consider: There’s a shortage of artificial trees right now. So, more people may be headed to the farm. Bottom line, don’t wait too long to get your tree.

“After last year’s high sale amount, we’re seeing a little bit of a struggle getting trees, so I would tell people if you want the tall trees, come get them early,” Rogish said.

Farmers say that your tree should last about five weeks after you choose the perfect one to chop down.

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