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Aimee Ross – “Permanent Marker: A Memoir”

Aimee Ross, Author of, Permanent Marker: A Memoir, Shares how she Rebuilt her Life

Aimee Ross is an educator, writer and speaker who has weathered devastating traumas and used them as a springboard to rebuild her life! Ross believes in the power of writing to heal and connect with others which is what she is hoping to do in her book called Permanent Marker: A Memoir.  

Questions Hollie & Michael asked Aimee:

1. What’s your memoir about?

2. Explain the title of your memoir.

3. What’s your favorite part of your book?

4. Why did you decide to write your book?

5. How did reliving your most painful experiences affect you? Did it feel therapeutic, or was it harder than you anticipated?

6. How did writing the book help you to move forward?

7. What did you learn from what you went through?

8. What’s the primary takeaway you hope readers get from Permanent Marker

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