Rowing is a popular sport in cities like Boston and Philadelphia but it’s also taking off right here in Cleveland thanks to the Foundry, a relatively new rowing center located on the Cuyahoga River in the Flats that focuses on youth and students. The Foundry’s Rowing Head Coach, Alyssa Trebilcock, sat down with Hollie and Alexa today and shared more.

Below are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked Alyssa:
Can you describe what makes the Foundry special?
If I’m a student or the parent of a student, why should I consider rowing?
What are the benefits of the sport?
Beside fitness, teamwork, and self-esteem – great values for every child to acquire – I also understand that rowing is the sport that provides more college scholarships to girls. Why is that?
I know the Foundry is a relatively new organization, but have you already seen some young women go onto college on scholarship?
What programs do you offer if a student wants to learn to row?
At what ages do you start?
Speaking of scholarships, does the Foundry offer financial aid to families that may not be able to afford the fee?
How do you teach it, especially to students who have never rowed before?
How long does it take to go from your indoor tanks to the rowing on the river?
Do students row alone or as part of a team?
Once a student finishes the Foundry’s Learn to Row program, what’s next?
You’re a coach and I assume also a rower. Can you tell us about other members of your coaching staff? I understand you have an Olympic rower who was Coach of the Year at Stanford University.
So, as an adult, let’s say that I wanted to learn to the row or start rowing for fitness. Do you have programs for someone who want to learn the sport or use it as a fitness exercise?
Lastly, I understand the Foundry actually has a Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) school located directly in its building. That’s amazing! Can you tell us more about it, and do those students row for their gym class?

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