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Art Shibley – Yours Truly Restaurant Celebrates 39 Years of Business!

Years and years of happy customers and yummy food.

It was 39 years ago today, January 16th 1981, when Yours Truly opened its very first location. And they have grown significantly over those 39 years adding multiple locations and they have become a go to favorite spot for many people. So, we celebrated in the kitchen with the owner and founder of Yours Truly, Art Shibley.

Here are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked:

How did you get started with Yours Truly Restaurants?

Have you been in the restaurant industry all your life?

Do you have partners?

How many locations are there? Where?

One thing people love about Yours Truly is the ALL Day Breakfast!

Do you also cater for events?

What’s your favorite item from Yours Truly Restaurants? Find us on social media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!