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Author Dr. Chrisanne Gordon Previews her book, “Turn The Lights On!”

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Hollie & Alexa spoke with Dr. Chrisanne Gordon about Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI and how it can influence every aspect of one’s life. Dr. Chrisanne Gordon decided to write about her own personal journey from the darkness of TBI to hope, healing & recovery in her book, “Turn The Lights On.” And, she gave Hollie & Alexa a preview.

Below are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked Dr. Chrisanne Gordon:
What inspired you to write Turn the Lights On!?
Can you tell us some of the symptoms you experienced when you had your TBI?
How did your TBI affect your life?
Did the TBI affect your memory?
How long did it take you to recover from your TBI?
Did you make a full recovery?
Is there a message you want to give to our listeners and others suffering from TBI?
What is the goal of your book?
How many veterans suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury?
What is the percentage of veterans who will become addicted to some substance within the first year if their TBI is not diagnosed?
Why do TBI patients have a greater risk of suicide?
What needs to be done to help our Vets and others who are suffering from TBI?
How can our lawmakers and medical community help victims of TBI?
Can you tell us about your foundation, Resurrecting Lives?
Where can listeners purchase TURN THE LIGHTS ON!?

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