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Betty Weibel & Debbie Gadus – “Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses”

Debbie’s story is inspiring, and she continues to help so many people.

With horses, there is hope – that is one of the lessons in the book “Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses.” The author Betty Weibel joined us along with Debbie Gadus, who was featured in the book.

Here are the questions Hollie asked:

BETTY – tell us why you were drawn to this topic and why you felt it was important to share these stories.

BETTY – while I’m sure horse lovers will love this book, will others be able to relate to it?

BETTY – how did you meet Debbie? And what did you think of her journey?

DEBBIE – tell us your story. And was it hard for you to share it and read it in this book?

DEBBIE – Now you are a riding and carriage driving instructor at Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Center. How has your work helped other disabled persons?

DEBBIE - What do you want people to take away or to learn about disabled persons that they wouldn’t have otherwise known before reading this book?

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