If you look around, you’re going to realize that we really take our trees for granted. But winter weather can take a toll on our trees. Sales Arborist Brad McBride from the Davey Tree Expert Company sat down with Hollie & Michael to educate us about how to care for trees and make sure they make it through the winter both healthy and happy! And here’s an interesting fact – Davey Tree is the largest employee owned company in the state of Ohio and the 12th largest in the country. They have over 9000 employees nationwide and in Canada!

Here are the questions Hollie & Michael asked Brad:

  1. What are some of the biggest concerns you see on the properties you visit?
  2. Should trees be pruned in the winter? Are there any advantages to pruning trees in the winter?
  3. Do you just prune and remove trees?
  4. How can you tell if a tree is dead in the winter?
  5. Do the drastic changes in the weather and temps through the winter affect trees? How so?
  6. Should trees be fertilized?
  7. How important is picking the right tree company when you need help and what do you think is the “Davey difference”?
  8. How long has Davey been serving Northeast Ohio?

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