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Chris Carosa & John Menches- The History of the Hamburger!

Who really invented the hamburger?

Welcome to Hamburger History 101! Did you know that Charles and Franck Menches are credited with pioneering the modern-day hamburger? You can learn about that and much more in the book “Hamburger Dreams” by Chris Carosa, who joined us today, along with John Menches, who is the great grandson of Charles Menches!

Here’s what Hollie & Alexa asked Chris & John:

  1. Chris – how many people claim to have invented the hamburger?

  2. And how did the Menches emerge as the guys who most likely were the pioneers?

  3. John – how old were you when you found out about this wonderful history in your family?

  4. Did anyone in your family stay in the food business?

  5. Chris – I know this has been kind of a culinary mystery…why do you think people are so passionate about hamburger history?
  1. John – what do you hope people learn from reading this book?

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