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Christine Toy Johnson & Chamblee Ferguson - Come From Away

Broadway musical, “Come From Away”, is here in Cleveland!

“Come From Away” has come to Playhouse Square! And it is not only a heart touching hit Broadway musical – it’s also a true story! Two of the cast members – Christine Toy Johnson and Chamblee Ferguson – were here today to share a bit of its background.

Below are questions Alexa and Hollie had for Christine and Chamblee:

You play Diane and Nick – among other characters – but before we learn about their story, can you give us a synopsis of the musical for those who may not be familiar with it?

It’s amazing that the people in this town opened their hearts – and their homes – to thousands of strangers! But it wasn’t always easy…

I love the story of your two characters – Nick and Diane. Tell us about them.

As we said earlier, you not only play Diane and Nick, you play other characters – since the cast represents the entire town and all of the passengers! How do you – and the audience – keep it all straight?

We’re excited you’re in Cleveland! The show opened last night and continues through July 28th. So how did your opening night here go? What do you think of our theaters? And any sightseeing plans while you’re in town?

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Playhouse Square Presents:
"Come From Away"
July 8th - July 28th
Connor Palace Theatre