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Herb Ascherman, Laura D’Alessandrao, Jim Szudy – Cleveland Photo Fest

Professional Photography For All To Enjoy

You know the saying – a pictures is worth a thousand words. Well, that means the Cleveland Photo Fest has a lot to say! To give us a preview we had Herb Ascherman, Laura D’Alessandro and Jim Szudy, the founders of the festival.

Here are the questions Hollie asked Herb, Laura and Jim: 
First give us an overview of the Cleveland Photo Fest…
And it really is a big deal! The governor even issued a proclamation!
And how did the fest first come about? Did you all know each other and want to work together?
We all have camera phones and take pictures constantly! With so much personal access, why is it important to display professional photos?
We normally think of a festival as being in one place – but you are all over! Tell us about that and how that works…
With so many places – and so many artists – I’m sure you could use some help! How can people get involved?

Will you be going to the Cleveland Photo Fest? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

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