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Craig Welsh - Westfield Insurance

Here’s what you need to know about protecting your child and their belongings when they head off to college!

We know it's hectic - and emotional - when getting your kid off to college. But there's an item you should add to your "to do" list to protect your child - and their belongings. It's insurance coverage. Craig Welsh from Westfield was here to talk about what's covered, what's not and who you should talk to.  And Craig, we understand that you just went through this experience yourself.

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Craig:
So, my kid is going away to college – from an insurance standpoint, what should I do?  
Most freshmen probably stay in a dorm, does your homeowners policy extend to the dorm room? What’s covered?
What if your child is living off campus in an apartment, are they still covered under your homeowners?  
Let’s talk about car insurance for an 18-year-old going away to school—does it make sense to drop them from my policy when they are away at college?  
So, what if my son/daughter is taking their car to school. Anything we should know there?
What other kinds of insurance should parents be thinking about while their child is away at school?
Do you have any tips on how students can guard their belongings against theft or damage?
What’s your best advice for parents? 

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