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Dave Mortach - Income in Retirement

Do you have questions regarding retirement, specifically involving income? Well Dave Mortach has all the answers!

Retirement – and the living is easy! But how do you keep the money coming in when you’ve retired your paycheck? We welcomed back Dave Mortach, President of Mortach Financial and host of the popular radio show, “Retirement Wealth Planning” to tell us why retirement may be relaxing, but it’s also a scary transition…

Below are questions Alexa and Hollie had for Dave:

Dave, let’s get right into it – Pina Coladas by the pool, golf, travel… what’s so bad about that?
That is kind of scary to think that our paychecks will end. We’ve only gotten used to receiving steady income our entire lives!!!
I guess I’m a little confused… without paychecks, what are the majority of people doing for retirement income?
How can we setup a plan that generates reliable and guaranteed income?
Really? Why annuities?
And do these payments remain the same, or can they grow?
These products sound great, but can everyone get in on them? Are there any restrictions?
What funds do your clients typically use to open these accounts?
Are we missing any other features? Anything that can make these annuities even more attractive? 

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