Our good friend, David Culi from the Hyde Park Restaurant Group, stopped by our kitchen today to make a delicious dish in honor of Valentine’s
Day coming up soon!

Questions for David:

1) For those who have never been, tell us about an experience at Jekyll's kitchen?

2) What can people expect from the menu?

3) How can people host a private event at Jekyll's kitchen?

4) Tell us about your bar & cabana?

5) Tell us about happy hour!

For More Information:


See recipe below: 


(For Lobster Cocktail and Poached Lobster with Beurre Monte)


10             Lobster Tails (5oz. each) (split in half)

4 Cups      Court Bouillon (see recipe)


1.   Rinse lobster tails in cold water for 4 minutes.

2.   Using a sharp heavy knife, split the tails from the front to the rear, cutting through the shell

3.   Pull meat out of the shell’s top, leaving the tail muscle still attached at the rear and place neatly back onto the shell.

4.   Rinse lobster tail for 1 minute after cutting.

5.   Place lobster in a baking pan and top with a rack.

6.   Bring court bouillon to a boil.

7.   Top lobster with boiling court bouillon.

8.   Top with foil and place in a 350° F. oven for 8-10 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 150° F.

9.   Cool and hold under refrigeration.


Makes 1 Gallon


2              Limes (split)

3              Lemons (split)

3              Oranges (split)

1 Gallon     Water

8oz.          Onion (cut in half)

1oz.          Parsley Sprig

4              Bay Leaves

½ C.         Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)

1 Tsp.               Cracked Black Pepper

1oz.          Sea Salt

1 Qt.         White Wine

½ C.         White Vinegar

1 Oz.         Olive Oil

¼ C.         Pickling Spice


1.   Place all ingredients into a pot and bring to a simmer.

2.   Simmer 40 minutes and strain through a fine china cap.

3.   Transfer to a storage container.

4.   Refrigerate until needed. 



½ oz.                White Vinegar

1 Cup                Water

1 Tbls.       Shallots (chopped)

1 Lb.         Unsalted Butter


1.   Place water, shallots and vinegar in a medium sized sauce out on high heat and bring to a boil.

2.   Turn the temperature to medium and slowly add the butter in stirring until all the butter is incorporated. (should look like butter sauce)

3.   Strain and it’s ready for your lobster.