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Dean Goon - Great River Connections Academy

Learn all about how this online school could be the answer for your child!

Finding the right school is always at the forefront of a parent’s mind and online learning may just be the best option for your child’s education. Dean Goon was here to explain why. He is the Board Chair for the Great River Connections Academy

Below are questions Hollie and Michael had for Dean:
Why should parents look at the option of online education?
Do you follow a similar curriculum as that of a regular public school?
And, just to be clear, this is a public school! There’s no tuition or fees, right?
One of the things that may concern parents is “will this child lack socialization”?
Last year was your first year - and you celebrated a commencement ceremony! Tell us about that.
You’re also having inductions to the Career Beginners Hall of Fame. What’s involved with that?
I can’t believe it, but now really is the time to plan for back to school! Is enrollment open now?

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