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Steve Schimoler & Kirsten Sutaria – Wonderlab’s Plant Based Gelato: Doozy Pots

Gelato that is good for you? Sign us up!

Love for food is in the genes of this father-daughter duo! Steve Schimoler is a restaurant entrepreneur, having owned several in our area, and his daughter, Kirsten Sutaria followed a similar yet different path that led her to found “Wonderlab Doozy Pots!” They were both in studio with Hollie today.

Here are the questions Hollie asked:

What is it about food that draws you both to create it?

Kirsten, what is a Doozy Pot?

Why gelato as opposed to regular ice cream?

You’ve brought some products with you – tell us about them. (5 samples of gelato)

And you’re going to make a sundae that is perfect for the holidays!

What flavor of Doozy Pots are you going to buy and try? Find us on Social Media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!



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