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Doug Page - Lake County YMCA’s Dream House

Check out how Sims Lohman has helped to create the perfect kitchen in the YMCA Dream House!

We know the kitchen is the heart of the home. But in our heart of hearts, we want it to be a dream kitchen! Well, the dream comes true in the Lake County YMCA Dream House! Doug Page was here from Sims Lohman Fine Kitchens & Granite to show us why anyone would want to cook in this kitchen!

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Doug:
The “Dream House” is the right name for this place! What kind of direction were you given when you became involved?
Tell us about the kitchen and its details…
Granite was the go to choice! Why is that such a great option?
You also were involved in the elements in the bathrooms. Tell us about those…
And the Dream House is just one example of your work. People have lots of options for their kitchens and baths. Tell us about the different kinds of cabinets, etc. and what trends you’re seeing…
You’ve been involved in the Dream House project for several years. Why do you do it? And what keeps you coming back?
We’ve seen the pics – but what if we want to see the Dream House in person? 

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For more information: 
Tours begin June 29th thru August 4th/Monday-Sunday 11am - 7pm
To buy tickets: YMCADreamHouse.com