If you've ever dealt with back pain, you know it can range from making simple movements harder to stopping you in your tracks. Dr. Dominic Pelle is a Spine Surgeon with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Spine Health and he was here with reasons – and relief – for your back pain.

Below are questions Hollie and Michael had for Dr. Pelle:
Many people suffer from chronic lower back pain. What are the most common causes?
Let’s focus on that last one/ What causes a herniated disc?
How would we know if what we have could be a herniated disc? What are the symptoms?
So we have some of those symptoms - how can we confirm it’s a herniated disc? What kind of tests are used to diagnose it?
Now - the most important part - what do we need to do to feel better/relieve our pain?
If surgery is necessary, what kind of procedures would be appropriate?

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