If you aren’t well-trained in ‘stopping the bleeding’ before 9-1-1 arrives, the Red Cross is partnering with Aultman College to fix that! Director of Health Sciences at Aultman College, Dr. Jeffery Pellegrino, joined Hollie and Alexa to explain how to safely stop the bleeding- all you need is a tourniquet (which thankfully is in most first-aid kits these days!)

Here’s what Hollie & Alexa asked Dr. Pellegrino:

  1. Why is it important to know how to stop the bleed?

  2. When would you need to use a tourniquet?

  3. Can you please show us how to use a tourniquet?

  4. So this is part of an educational campaign you’re working on to stop the bleed? Tell us more about that!

  5. How can our viewers learn more?

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For More Information:

Aultman College in Canton, OH



Preview Day | Saturday, January 19th @ 10am