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Dr. Katharine Trostel – Ursuline College’s National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

Ursuline College in Pepper Pike recently received a $34,000 federal grant to look at Cleveland’s Rust Belt problems…and reinvigorate the Humanities in the process!

Last month, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced 233 grants, totaling $28.6 million, to be awarded to colleges and cultural organizations across the country. Ursuline College in Pepper Pike is one of them, having been awarded a $34,000 grant in the “Humanities Connections” category, meant to expand the role of the humanities in undergraduate education. Ursuline Assistant Professo, Dr. Katharine Trostel, lead writer of the proposal that secured the $34,000 grant, joined Alexa & Michael to share all of their future plans and the thought behind this project.

Below are the questions Alexa & Michael asked Dr. Trostel: 
We understand this grant will enable you to develop new courses that will focus on some of Cleveland’s most persistent problems in new and creative ways. Tell us about your project.
The courses you’re developing will emphasize digital skills, mapping, and storytelling. That doesn’t sound like a typical English or History class. How’s all that going to work?
You have lined up a few community partners to work with you of this project. Who are they and how will they be involved?
What will Ursuline College students get out of this that they wouldn’t get from say, reading a history or sociology text book?
Will Cleveland residents gain anything?
What motivated you to initiate this project?

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For More Information: Ursuline.edu/NEH2019

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