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Dr. Lisa Ramirez – Trauma & Mental Health Awareness Month Tips from MetroHealth

May is Trauma Awareness Month and Mental Health Awareness Month!

This month is Trauma Awareness Month and also Mental Health Awareness Month. Dr. Lisa Ramirez from Metrohealth, joined Hollie & Michael today to share more.

Here are the questions Hollie & Michael asked Dr. Ramirez: 
Lisa, talk about the importance of the month and how trauma and mental health are tied together.
MetroHealth provides health care in some Cleveland Schools, can you talk about how you work with kids experiencing trauma (maybe not the physical kind?)
What is the importance of addressing trauma when kids are young?
What does toxic stress look like in Cleveland and what happens to a child when they are constantly stressed out? How does it impact them when they are older?
What are some ways MetroHealth is helping these kids, but also adults?

Did you find these tips helpful today? What questions would you have for Dr. Ramirez? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

For More Information: 
Email: Resilience@MetroHealth.org

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