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Dr. Lydia Parker - Fighting Acne at Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Parker talks about how she can help to zap acne at any age!

We think it's just a problem for teenagers – and then we find it happens again as adults! We're talking about acne. Dermatologist Dr. Lydia Parker from the Parker Skin and Aesthetic Clinic is here with help no matter what your age.

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Dr. Parker:
Why do we even have acne? why is it so common in teenagers, and why do so many of us still get it as adults?
What should we do if we get acne. What should we try first? What can we do on our own to help?
When is it time for professional help? When should we call the dermatologist?
What are some of the newer or better treatments for acne?
What about acne scarring? Can we prevent it? What should someone do if they have acne scarring?

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