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Dr. Mark Weidenbecher & Kurt Bright - A simple tech device is helping those with sleep apnea get a good night sleep

Sleep apnea can affect people lives and has a huge impact on cardiovascular health. Luckily, a MetroHealth doctor explains how a simple device called, “Inspire Device” can help people with sleep apnea, get a good night’s rest.

March is sleep month at MetroHealth & National Sleep Awareness Week is March 10-16th. Dr. Mark Weidenbecher from MetroHealth and patient Kurt Bright, joined Hollie & Alexa to talk about sleep apnea and ways to treat it with a new device called, “Inspire Device.”

Below are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked Dr. Mark Weidenbecher and Kurt Bright:
Kurt, how did Sleep Apnea effect Your Life?
Doc, how Many People Suffer From Sleep Apnea?
Doc, how Serious Is Sleep Apnea?
Doc, what Is C Pap?
Doc, how Can C Pap Help People With Sleep Apnea?
Kurt, how has MetroHealth helped you get treated for Sleep Apnea & how are you doing now?

Do you know someone who has sleep apnea? Has he or she tried the Inspire device? Did he/she like it? Tweet us @LIVEONLakeside or find us on Facebook/Instagram at LIVE on Lakeside and let us know!

For More Information: MetroHealth.org

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