In our Health & Wellness segment today, we were happy to introduce you to Cresta Dental Implants in Middleburg Heights, where they believe and value their core values: Humanity, Honesty, Healthy & Happy. Dr. Peter Amin from Cresta Dental Implants, joined Alexa & Michael with more.

Alexa and Michael asked Dr. Amin the following questions:
So, today we are talking about Gum Disease & Overall Body Health! Is there a link between the two?
Is there an alternative if a tooth can’t be saved?
Is having a dental implant painful?
Can someone have dental implants after they lost their bone in their mouth?
Tissue grafting is the most common treatment to cover exposed roots, where do we take the graft from? Are there specific techniques to decrease pain in the treatment for gum recession?
Can I have healthy gums that look pretty at the same time?

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