The St. Joan of Arc School is partnering once again with the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre for a program called The Penguin Project. This year’s theme is a classic, The Wizard of Oz! Elle Wearsch, Ava Sturznickel & Ryan Halcik are inspiring students and today they gave Hollie a preview.

Below are the questions Hollie asked the three students:

Elle, for those who are unfamiliar, please tell them about the Penguin Project.
Ava, tell us about this year’s theme, The Wizard of Oz!
Tell us about your individual roles and what you are looking forward to the most!
Ryan, how does it feel to be involved in this year’s Penguin Project?

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For More Information:
Penguin Project: The Wizard of Oz!
Saturday, April 13th & Sunday, April 14th
St. Joan of Arc School
498 E Washington Street in Chagrin Falls