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Heather B. Moore & Brittany Sara – Heather B. Moore’s Custom Jewelry

Their jewelry is so beautiful, even Alanis Morissette ordered something for herself!

When something special happens in our lives, or maybe someone special comes into our lives it's almost like we want to hold on to it as close as we can. And we found some beautiful jewelry that allows you to document these invaluable moments in your life. Heather B. Moore has developed several different collections over the past 14 years. And she – along with Studio Artisan Brittany Sara, - joined us today to show us her latest collection.

Here are the questions Alexa asked:

How did you get started in the jewelry making business?

Tell us about your latest collection!

What are the different ways you've been able to personalize jewelry for people?

How do you make the pieces?

How can people reach out to you?

What are you planning on custom ordering from Heather B. Moore? Find us on social media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!