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Heather Moseman – What to Know About Transferring Assets Upon Your Death

Find easy answers to difficult questions with the help of Heather Moseman from Moseman Law Office, LLC!

It’s something no one likes talking about – planning for after you’ve died. But without planning, your loved ones face even more grief! Heather Moseman from the Moseman Law Office was here with a few ways to make sure your assets are allocated just the way you want them.

Below are questions Alexa and Hollie had for Heather:
You say there are two ways to transfer assets upon your death. What are they?
Does it matter what the asset is? For example, what about property – your home…
What if you want to leave your home to someone else – say, your children?
Do you have to wait until you’ve passed? Can you just make sure your property will go to your kids now?
Does leaving your car to someone work the same way?
So, what about other types of assets – like investments or savings…
Are there any assets you can’t have a beneficiary on?
So, again, all this is easier if you plan ahead…

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