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Jacqueline Acho- Author of ‘Empathy Deficit Disorder’ Breaks Down the Ways Emotional & Physical Toxicity Can Affect Your Health & Well-Being

Healing from our mix-ups about work, home, and sex.

Do you feel like the news is always discouraging you? Or that our country is divided in many ways and the emotional and physical toxicity of all of this may be affecting your health & well-being? The good news is, there are words for what is happening. You are suffering from Empathy Deficit Disorder. Hollie & Alexa were joined by the Co-Author of “Empathy Deficit Disorder” and President of The Acho Group, Jacqueline Acho, to learn more about EDD.

Here’s what Hollie & Alexa wanted to know from Jacqueline:

  1. Please tell us a little bit about YOU & your background and what led you to write this book!

  2. What do you mean when you say “empathy deficit disorder?”

  3. What are the impacts on society of EDD?

  4. You say empathy is a contact sport – what do you mean? (might appeal to audience – parenting builds empathy)

  5. What areas of potential change does the book address? Where can we go from here to address EDD?

  6. What do you mean "healing from our mix-ups about sex" in the subtitle?

  7. Isn’t empathy overused and a burden? We see ALL the bad and suffering on the news/on the internet, etc. Are we supposed to feel it all? How do you protect yourself?

  8. If this book changes one thing, what do u hope it is?

  9. What do you do when you’re not writing about Empathy?

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For More Information:

To purchase the book, “Empathy Deficit Disorder” order it online at Amazon.com! You can also visit EmpathyDeficitDisorder.com for more information!

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