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Jason Briscoe - Back-To-School Vaccinations

Here’s what you need to know about getting your children vaccinated before heading back to school!

Back-To-School season is here. And one way to make sure your child is protected and safe in school is by making sure he or she is caught up on all their vaccinations. On the show with more was Jason Briscoe, Director of Pharmacy Operations at Discount Drug Mart.

Below are questions Hollie and Michael had for Jason:
Why are vaccinations so important?
What are some vaccinations that every child should have?
Are there some vaccinations that should happen during a certain age or grade level?
What are other things or information parents should know when it comes to vaccinations?
How have vaccinations changed in recent years and how long should a vaccination last - are they for life?
And what about for “big kids” - are there vaccinations we should be getting as we get older?

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