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Jeané Holley – This Week’s Everyday Champion

This week’s Everyday Champion inspires others to get involved in their community!

Today, Larry introduced to you Jeané Holley. Jeané runs a company called Wholehearted Connections, a company dedicated to event management, public relations and media relations. She’s your champion this week because her business isn’t just about profit, it’s about community!

Here is Larry’s Inspirational Message for the week: 
“It’s time increase your capacity. Think about it, what if you had a one bucket, but someone had fifty gallons to give you. The problem wouldn’t be the supply, the problem would be your capacity to receive it. See a lot of people aren’t receiving all that is available to them simply because they haven’t increased their capacity. Maybe you felt that you can’t get any better, or you can’t go any higher in life. That just means your capacity is too small. See you have to enlarge your vision and make rooms for the new things life has for you. Maybe you don’t have the job or the business you want today. Well get back to work, get back to school, learn so new things to increase your capacity to do more and receive more in the future. Remember this, sometimes we simply don’t increase because we aren’t preparing ourselves for the increase. So if you want to be able to handle the big stuff, prepare, plan, and get ready to receive. I believe it’s on the way!”

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