As our kids head back to school, us parents may need a lesson on how to teach them about finances. Jeneen Marziani is the Bank of America Ohio Market President and she was here today to educate us on to help our children become financially aware.

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Jeneen:

Tomorrow is National Financial Awareness Day – and it’s not by accident it coincides with back to school time. Why is it important to talk to your kids about financial tools and planning, especially at the beginning of school?
So how do we get our kids started? And at what age should we start?
We know we should start saving for college for our kids as early as possible. When do we bring them in on that plan? As early as elementary and middle school?
How would you advise high school and college student's parents on how to discuss budgeting and saving with their children? Does it all start with an allowance?
Once they’re a certain age, it seems our kids are getting credit card applications daily in the mail! How can we help them establish good credit – and not let them go crazy with a credit card?

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