Summertime means more time out in the sun and of course we want our pets to join us. Of course we want to be able to keep them safe while still giving them that freedom to explore. Luckily, Invisible Fence offers just that! Justin Walsh, Field Operations Manager at Invisible Fence sat down with Michael and Danielle to share all about it.

Below are questions Danielle and Michael asked Justin:

Tell us about Invisible Fence. How does it work?
What if I want to have different rules for different pets?
What size does my yard need to be to have an Invisible Fence system?
What is something that Invisible Fence Brand does that people may not know about?
Are there types of pets you can’t put on the system? Like great Danes or Chihuahuas?
Does the customer have to train the pet to use the system? How much extra is it to have one of the trainers come out

Are you keeping your pets safe with Invisible Fence? Let us know through our social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’.

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