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Karson Baldwin- Project RACE Teens gears up for Multiracial Heritage Week!

President of Project RACE Teens, Karson Baldwin, speaks abut Multiracial Heritage Week and its importance.

Multiracial Heritage Week runs through the 14th. Karson Baldwin, President of Project RACE Teens spoke to viewers about why it is so important and what you can do to get involved!

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa asked Karson:
Tell us about Project RACE.
Tell us about Multiracial Heritage Week.
How many states have supported the celebration?
We also heard that the first proclamation you received this year was extra special?
How did you get involved in multiracial advocacy?
We understand that Princeton University recognized you for this work?We heard there was a special guest at the local celebration – Browns tight end Seth DeValve!
Tell us why that was particularly significant.
What do you think people ought to know about multiracial people that they may not?

What more would you like to know about Project RACE Teens? Let us know through our social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’.

For More Information: 
Email Karson: KBaldwin21@us.edu


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