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Kathy Hirko – Medications and Medicare, Oh My!

KAZ Company wants to make your medicine easier for you.

Medications are a major factor when considering a health insurance plan. Kathy Hirko from KAZ Company was in studio with us today with more.

Here are the questions Hollie and Alexa asked:
KAZ Company is an independent insurance agency focused on Medicare Insurance Plans. Remind us (Tell us) what the Medicare Annual Enrollment period is?
We are hearing a lot about people reviewing their Medications at this time. Can you explain this and why they should?
How do people go about doing this?
Can you and your KAZ Company team help if people want to review their medication costs?
Do they have to be your current clients?
You have 17 agents, are they all in this area?
Is there a cost if someone would like to meet or talk with one of your agents?
How do they get in touch with you?

Will you be reaching out to KAZ Company for help with your Medicare plan? Find us on Social Media @ ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

KAZ Company Inc.
4807 Rockside Road, Suite 660