It’s always fun and inspiring to run for a cause and we are giving you a way to do that with Kylie Rose’s Run. The run helps to raise money for resources for kids going through cancer treatments. Here to tell us more about the run was Kylie Rose herself along with her dad Eric.

Below are questions Hollie and Alexa had for Kylie and Eric:
Tell us about Kylie and her story? 
Tell us about the run. Why did you decide to start it? Where to the proceeds go?
This is the fifth year. How many runners do you typically get a year?
And there is a virtual run too?
Tell us about some of the other fun activities planned for the family and kids at the event? 
What are some other ways people can get involved?

Do you plan on running in Kylie Rose’s Run on Sunday, August 25th? Let us know through our social media, ‘Live on Lakeside’.

For more information:
5th Annual Kylie Rose’s Run Sunday, August 25th @ 4pm
Copley High School Stadium