In our Legally Speaking segment today, we spoke with Zukerman Law’s Managing Partner, Larry Zukerman, along with Partner Michael Lear.

Here are the questions Hollie & Alexa asked Larry & Michael:

  1. Tell us about Zukerman Law

  2. Is it non-stop, or is there a busier time of year than other for you?

  3. What is bail reform?

  4. Who are good candidates to be out on monitoring?

  5. How do you determine who is a bail flight risk?

  6. How important is it to find a law firm like yours if you’re being charged with a crime?

What do you think about bail as an alternative to overcrowding in prisons? Have you ever been in a situation where you would need a lawyer? Would you consider Zukerman Law? Find us on social media at ‘Live on Lakeside’ and let us know!

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